AMPall Overview

Leader in the medical industry Experience the Real Medical Service!

Innovative Approach to provide a higher medical technology Sufficient Potential for growth to become a leading pump company Continuous Creation of values and development of new products

AMPall has the following vision in order to provide the highest quality products and the best services to customers as a professional medical pump maker.

AMPall is developing and providing reliable medical products by focusing on precise infusion devices and bio-signal processors over the world since 1990.
AMPall has been doing the best to realize its goal by pursuing customers value and benefit in the key business area for decades.

AMPall is the professional medical pump manufacturer with the strong endeavor to become the unchallenged player in the world’s medical pump market.

Currently, AMPall’s infusion pump, syringe pump, PCA pump and automatic blood pressure monitor
as its main products have the upper hand for its high quality and safety in competition with many reputable brands in the market.

R&D of AMPall has joined many projects to develop new technology and devices with government and laboratories in universities for years.
With this experience and know-how, it is going to launch an innovative and integrated infusion driver equipped
with central monitoring system based on IoT technology.




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