Who we are ?

We are make all our efforts to provide the best quality products and best service

BISTOS is abbreviated from Bio Signal Total Solution. We are researching, developing, and manufacturing medical equipment.


With many years of experience and know-how at the medical devices field, we are developing medical products continuously and supplying our products for the local market as well as the worldwide market. Besides, we don’t cease upgrading our products and developing new products and will make all our efforts to provide the best quality products and best service.


We will lead the medical equipment market in the future and contribute to medical devices development and service betterment. In order to be a pivot of medical equipment, we will give our best to develop existing medical equipment and open new medical fields of biomedical diagnosis


2015 - 2021
– BT-36 Non-Contact Thermometer released
– BT-450 Phototherapy released
– Selected as a promising star company (Gyeonggi Regional Business and Science Accelerator)






– Bio Medical global leader Bio-signal equipment leader
– Improve Medical Services
  Provide excellent product quality and performance
  Various medical diagnostic and service opportunities

– Explore Biological Signals Diagnosis
Continuous research and development
Explore undeveloped areas by new technology

– Profit Creation, Distribution of Wealth
Profit-sharing by the stable management
Social contributions by reinvesting

– Information Sharing, Transparent Management
Transparent management through information sharing
Fair, reasonable rational management


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