About DORO® Cranial Stabilization & Retractor Systems

DORO® products offer highest degrees of stability and flexibility for an optimal patient positioning during neurosurgery, enabling a smooth workflow and a highly efficient and secure intervention.


Always Suitable - Multiple Application Options

From newborns to seniors, from non-invasive to invasive applications, from a wide range of standard OR tables to carbon-fiber tabletops to spinal frames, from standard to imaging environments – there is always a matching DORO® solution.

DORO® systems exist for each patient positioning need.

DORO® systems can be mixed and matched with each other thanks to their common interfaces.

DORO® systems give users the possibility to adjust the system to each user and patient individually.

DORO® systems are designed with a great simplicity and similarity to each other, allowing an intuitive handling of all systems.


More than 25 Years of Expertise - Proven Solutions

We specialize in optimal cranial stabilization and brain retraction for more than two decades and are constantly driven to develop solutions that fit the latest technologies used in surgical theaters worldwide. From horseshoe to 3-pin rigid cranial fixation – DORO® systems provide proven methods guaranteeing a high level of stability during neurosurgical interventions as well as greater safety for patients.

High-Quality Products - Maximized Stability

Finest materials, certified manufacturing procedures and a strict quality management system – DORO® systems are developed by highly qualified teams and manufactured at our headquarters in Germany as well as at selected partners in Switzerland and the USA. Even the smallest parts of our DORO® systems are designed to assure stability, and thus a higher surgical and navigation accuracy.

Well Thought Through Solutions - Enhanced Users Experience

DORO® systems go through a multi-stage development process. Our focus lies on developing the systems together with and for users. Everything down to the last, tiny detail is geared towards the user.

Always at Your Side - Always Ready to Support

DORO® experts are available all over the world and are always at your disposal to support you.