ASC Medical

Welcome to ASC Medical GmbH & Co. KG.
The company was founded by Kurt Bucher in the year 2003.
The ASC MEDICAL office is located in the heart of Southern Germany, Neuhausen / Tuttlingen.
ASC MEDICAL is dedicated to educating the market on new and improved techniques, implants and
Since the formation of ASC MEDICAL, we have dedicated ourselves of bringing instruments and implants at a
competitive value to the Medical Market. We are proud of what we have achieved in the last 7 years and look
forward to more of the same for many years to come.
When you purchase from ASC MEDICAL, you are guaranteed the best in quality and customer service. We not
only meet your expectations, we exceed them!
This is what we set out to deliver and has since become known as the "ASC MEDICAL Philosophy".
On behalf of the ASC MEDICAL team members and our distribution partners, we thank you for your
tremendous trust in the past. And with your support, we will continue to deliver the highest quality surgical
instruments and implants on the market.


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